Complaints and terms of warranty

The heat pump MUST be installed by a KMO authorised refrigeration fitter, otherwise the warranty and right to complain are voided.
Andersen Electric A/S offers a 3-year extended warranty on its products. This warranty extends your statutory right to complain by 2 years, meaning a total of 3 years’ warranty.

Conditions for extended warranty

  • Heat pumps for wall and floor mounting must be serviced within the first two years after the date of installation. Failure to comply with this requirement services voids the extended warranty.
  • The product must be registered at in order to claim the extended warranty. Registration must be made no later than 14 days after installation.
  • The warranty covers product defects due to defects in production and defects in the components.

The warranty does not cover:

  • Errors caused by unauthorised installation and maintenance
  • Errors caused by incorrect mounting and installation
  • Errors during filling with additional coolant
  • Failure to inspect the product
  • Power failure
  • Additional costs related to service work, such as use of a crane, lift or scaffolding
  • Errors due to water or frost damage
  • Errors due to vandalism
  • Call-outs if the customer does not want to restart the heat pump/fan following instructions from Andersen Electric’s support team
  • Damages or errors caused by using obsolete components
  • Damages or errors caused by the house’s electrical installations
  • Errors setting up the WiFi module: router error or bad network
  • Maintenance/cleaning of clogged filter, evaporator and condenser

Register your product to claim your extended warranty. Click under the product category your heat pump belongs to.


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